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GEO Product

Conveying to the next generation those things that are good.

When developing our GEO Product, we invited the assistance of Dr. Yukio Hattori—the world-class expert in “food education”—in order to help us give top priority to the food education that encourages the health of the body and the richness of the mind. “I want to feed delicious food to my loved ones.” “I want to bring out the original taste of the ingredients.” “I want to make meals that are healthy and safe.” “But I also want cooking to be simple and enjoyable.” For those of you who have these kinds of thoughts, our GEO Product are the pots for you!

[images]GEO Product

Line up

  • [image]Sauce pan
    Sauce pan
  • [image]Deep Sauce Pot
    Deep Sauce Pot
  • [image]Saute Pan
    Saute Pan


Among our longest-selling staples

Miyaco’s “Objet” line has continued to sell well from 1982 right down to the present.
A rich line of more than 100 items, with a simple, unimposing design.
Because you will be using them every day, they are sturdy, easy-to-use, and such that you will never tire of using them. We deliver something that truly has value, to be used over a long period of time.


Line up

  • [image]Milk Pan
    Milk Pan
  • [image]Yukihira Pan
    Yukihira Pan
  • [image]Kettle

Juttoku Nabe

Overlaying nabe hotpots that can be used for a long time

Simple, but effective. As a nabe to be used every day for preparing all variety of dishes, thorough care was put into the product’s usability and design.

[images]Juttoku Nabe

Line up

  • [image]Set Itme
    Set Item
  • [image]Frying Pan Mirror
    Frying Pan Mirror
  • [image]Handle

Rice Pot

Things that change, things that do not change

Our rice pots are not just “hotpots that can also be used to prepare rice” but rather excellent devices whose purpose is to produce the most delicious rice possible.
The gorgeous luster of cooked rice. The faint sweetness when it touches the tongue. The stickiness and chewiness that you know when you bite into it.
Our rice pots provide the ideal taste of rice for the most discriminating of diners, who don’t want to sacrifice flavor.

[images]Rice Pot

Line up

  • [image]Rice Pot Mirror
    Rice Pot Mirror


Making it extremely comfortable and easy to use in any kitchen environment.

The texture, with its matte satin finish, conveys the gentle warmth that you wouldn’t expect from stainless steel, and you can feel the loving connection that has come down through the years.
These pots will be useful for a long time in your endeavors to make delicious homemade dishes that preserve the health and happiness of those closest to you.


Line up

  • [image]Tempura Pot
    Tempura Pot
  • [image]Kettle
  • [image]Sauce Pan
    Sauce Pan

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