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Bringing both rich flavor and relaxation to you


Miyacoffee was brought into this world to allow the consumer to brew coffee at its most delicious. Just what constitutes “delicious” coffee varies from person to person. What we ideally want to do is help you to brew the coffee that is right for you, creating tools that anyone can use.

Single Cup Pots

Just right for a single cup. The wooden handle has a pleasant feel.

[images]Single Cup Pots

Line up

  • [image]Single Cup Pot  White 0.4L
    Single Cup Pot White 0.4L
  • [image]Single Cup Pot Black 0.4L
    Single Cup Pot Black 0.4L
  • [image]Single Cup Pot Silver 0.4L
    Single Cup Pot Silver 0.4L

Pour-over Kettles

This excellent pour-over kettle incorporates all of Miyazaki Seisakusho’s renowned technology and skill.

[images]Pour-over Kettles

Line up

  • [image]Pour-over kettle Matte 0.9L
    Pour-over kettle Matte 0.9L
  • [image]Pour-over kettle Mirror 1.2L
    Pour-over kettle Mirror 1.2L


Take a break. Enjoy a cup.

There are various types of Japanese tea, defined by their cultivation method, picking time, and manufacturing process. The most familiar sencha, the uniquely aromatic gyokuro, the bitter matcha used in the tea ceremony—each has its own correct brewing method and temperature, and depending on the brewing method, the delicious taste of the tea grows ever more. We have prepared tools that you can use to produce such taste, growing an attachment to these tools over a long period of intimate use.

Tea Pots

The small size is suitable for drinking just a little tea, while the large size has an adorable shape.

[images]Tea Pots

Line up

  • [image]Tea Pot Mirror (Small)
    Tea Pot Mirror (Small)
  • [image]Tea Pot Black (Small)
    Tea Pot Black (Small)
  • [image]Tea Pot Antique (Large)
    Tea Pot Antique (Large)


We have made high-quality table coordination a reality. Perfect for the morning rush or on those cold days when you really want a hot cup of coffee fast.


Line up

  • [image]Black Kettle(Small)
    Black Kettle(Small)
  • [image]Black Kettle(Large)
    Black Kettle(Large)

Tea Caddies

The seamless and smooth design creates a stylish impression. You can feel their elaborate construction on your skin.

[images]Tea Caddies

Line up

  • [image]Tea Caddy Black (Small)
    Tea Caddy Black (Small)
  • [image]Tea Caddy Antique(Large)
    Tea Caddy Antique(Large)
  • [image]Tea Caddy Black (Large)
    Tea Caddy Black (Large)

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